Bulletrail is a Death-Thrash Metal band from Stuttgart/Germany.

The idea for the band was formed by guitarist Christian Philipps and vocalist Billy Kolins (Vasilios Kolintzikis) in mid 2014.
Along with the founding members, there were some early members involved with the starting lineup of the Band.

In the following year, the band had a varying group of members, including drummer Jerome Zimmerman who stepped in as a temporary replacement and helped the band create the fundaments of the first 3 Songs. The group had established a stable lineup after Markus Becker took over the second guitar, Randy Liberty the bass guitar and Julian Zöller the drums. Their first EP "Path of Least Resistance" was recorded at Maranis Studios in early 2016 and showed the bands ability to combine elements from many different metal styles like Doom, Melodic Death, Groove and Thrash Metal.

After the release of their debut EP, the band aims to release a full length album in 2018, which will follow the same style and spirit of the previous EP. Before this is put into practice, the band is preparing for concerts in 2017 and is looking for additional ways to bring their music to the masses.

In August 2016 Julian D. Zöller left the band. He was henceforth replaced by Godvaser (Daniel von Kostka) on the drums.